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AJU Ltd t/a alljoinedup was established in 2006 to provide best practice in the finished vehicle logistics process and to develop competencies required by automotive sales organisations within logistics service providers. The services offered have expanded over the years to include:


  • Interim management assignments for automotive OEMs,

  • Vehicle terminal design and re-engineering of vehicle handling processes

  • Tender management and support in responding to transport and technical services tenders

  • Project and operational management of vehicle import centres

  • Management of automotive importer start-up situations. 

  • Detailed sector research and reporting.

  • Systems analysis and recommendation.

Managing Consultant, Tom Jacobson has over 20 years of automotive OEM experience including 15 years with Volkswagen Group UK in both brand and central function roles followed by periods managing various departments within Kia Motors and latterly at the Hyundai corporation logistics subsidiary, Glovis.


alljoinedup boasts a client base that includes some of the premier UK and European terminal handlers, finished vehicle logistics companies and OEMs including Suzuki, IAA, WWL, NVD, Drewry, Port of Bristol, BCA, Sokon Automotive, Inform Software and ABP. The business is looking to expand in 2022 and is currently talking to potential new clients. 


alljoinedup can draw on a range of associates each with his/her own specialist knowledge of aspects of the vehicle supply and distribution process.


Contact -


Mobile: 07969 190943


Our Team


Tom Jacobson, CEO / Owner | Phone: 44 7969 190943

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Ian Anderson, Head of Research | Phone: 44 7711 262808

Tom established AJU Ltd in 2006 with the aim being to provide best practice in the finished vehicle logistics business. He has worked with and for a number of significant manufacturers and importers including Volkswagen, Kia, Hyundai, SsangYong and more recently Sokon. He has continued to diversify AJU and is looking to further expand the business offering in 2022.

Ian has over eight years of automotive experience under his belt. He was the Finance Director of SsangYong between 2014 and 2017, overseeing a significant period of growth for the brand. He was subsequently employed by New Vehicle Ventures Ltd to establish the importation of DFSK vehicles into the UK but more recently has been working alongside Tom Jacobson on a variety of projects.

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